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TheGivingMachine™ is a new way to support your favourite UK charities and schools.

It costs you nothing other than the 2 minutes it takes to register the first time you use the site and then clicking through each time to do your online shopping. Every purchase you make via TheGivingMachine™ triggers the retailer to pay donations to the good causes you select.

You Shop, They Give. It really is as simple as that!

We do not take any financial or personal details from you. The only information we require is your name (or you can choose to remain anonymous), email and your selection of charities and schools that will receive donations from your online shopping. In this way, we and the good causes you support can track the donations given and send you quarterly ‘giving’ reports.

We have a strict privacy policy. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose than for us to contact you and manage your specified giving requirements.

TheGivingMachine™ will stay in touch, via our emailed newsletter. The newsletter and TheGivingMachine™ site will help you learn about what’s happening at a school or charity near you and the other ways you can support them.

We use Cookies on the site. This is a small piece of information recorded to your browser to recognise you when you return to TheGivingMachine™ site, which removes the need for you to login each time.

We currently donate 75% of the donations we receive to the UK schools and charities you select. The remaining 25% of the donation covers TheGivingMachine™’s administration costs – the UK norm for fundraising. We intend to drive the admin. percentage down still further as our donation levels grow.

So, here’s our 1,2,3 in getting you to give while you shop:

1    Click the
'Go Shopping'
     2    Chose your
online store
where you
intend to shop
     3    First time user? Create a ‘Giver Account ’ or chose to 'Give Anonymously'. Follow the on screen prompts

Every time you go back to TheGivingMachine™, the website will remember you and take you straight to the shopping page, but you must always click via www.TheGivingMachine.co.uk for your donation to register with us.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us if you have any specific questions, ideas or need help using TheGivingMachine™.

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