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If you are a UK school, TheGivingMachine™ can create an important new fundraising vehicle for you. Schools across the country increasingly have to find ways to raise funds for essential items and projects. It is hard for parents, teachers and students to find the time to do this regularly - yet most do shop online regularly.

TheGivingMachine™ is the modern version of the school 'Bring and Buy sale' - instead today it's 'You Shop, They Give.' From only 100 average spending online shoppers, your school could generate £1,500 to £2,000 a year. With 1000 shoppers, donation levels can rise to £15,000 - £20,000 annually - at no cost to the Giver or you!

Click here to expand Why should we join?

  • Free to join - takes just two minutes to register
  • Turns parents and staff, who shop online, into Givers by diverting sales commissions to your school - at no cost to the Giver
  • Only supports charities and schools
  • Has the best selection of top shopping sites including; Amazon, eBay, Dell, John Lewis etc.
  • Members of the Institute of Fundraising
  • Clearly states how much will be donated and how costs are covered
  • A not for profit company

Click here to expand So how does it work?

  1. Online shops in the UK are currently paying out around £3Bn a year in commissions. Our aim is to redirect that money to our communities.
  2. TheGivingMachine™ has over a hundred of the UK 's leading online retailers registered to the scheme who donate a percentage of the total purchase to UK charities and schools registered with the site.
  3. Every Giver that registers with TheGivingMachine™ creates an account that includes the UK charities and schools they wish to donate to.
  4. The site enables online shoppers to click through to their favourite retailers. Every purchase they make triggers an automatic donation (around 3-5% of the total bill) paid to those good causes they have selected.
  5. Each month, donations raised for your school via TheGivingMachine™ are aggregated and paid to you according to each Giver's individual preferences.
  6. All it requires from you is the time to complete the online registration form and promote the scheme to your local school community via your regular communications channels and events. The more shoppers you encourage to join, the more donations your school receives.

Click here to expand How can we join and get started?

We hope we have created a simple system to help you get the maximum return from the scheme.

  1. Setup your School Account via the left hand menu link.
  2. We will verify your application and you should receive an email welcoming you within 48 hours. We will also help you build your giving community by providing links to easy steps to make a quick start and to continue growing.
  3. Donations are then paid monthly directly to your school. You can review you account at any time by clicking on School Report.
  4. TheGivingMachine™ is also developing its own communications tools to help keep the Giver community informed and involved. We will tell Givers how their donations are making a positive difference, as well as inviting them to support their local charities and schools in other ways that you tell us about. Along with raising vital funds, we hope this cross-communication between all Givers will also bring you new supporters.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us if you have any specific questions, ideas or need help using TheGivingMachine™.

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