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FAQ Who pays the donation on the Giver’s behalf?

FAQ Why should Givers need to use TheGivingMachine™ to buy online goods/services

FAQ How much will my School/PTA get?

FAQ What if my charity or school is not listed?

FAQ How long will it take for my School/PTA to receive the donations?

FAQ How will my school/PTA receive payments?

FAQ What if Givers cancel their order/return purchased goods?

FAQ What happens if TheGivingMachine™ is unsure where a donation payment came from?

FAQ What happens if Givers change their School/PTA?

FAQ Why do featured shops sometime change?

FAQ Are we eligible for Gift Aid?

FAQ What Promotional Materials are Available?

FAQ How long does it take before a donation appears on a Giver account?

FAQ Is there something I can download onto my computer to remind me to use TheGivingMachine?

FAQ Does TheGivingMachine use or keep a Giver’s personal/financial details ?

FAQ How do I set up the BACS payment details for my school?

FAQ What do I do if I feel that an issue has not been resolved and I wish to make a formal complaint?

Please do not hesitate to Contact us if you have any specific questions, ideas or need help using TheGivingMachine™.

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