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Jonathan BaylyJonathan Bayly – Giving Director - Finance

Jonathan is a co-founder and our Finance Director (former Council Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland). Jonathan is married with two grown up children and loves to swim, act and sing as well as playing golf and tennis.

Jonathan works full time elsewhere but also manages to help complete the monthly payment run to all our beneficiaries.

Mark ClarkMark Clark – Giving Director - Marketing

Mark is a co-founder and the Director who manages our brand and oversees our marketing strategy. Mark is a Partner in a business development consultancy that specialises in growing creative businesses.

Married and dad to three grown up children, Mark lives in Brighton, loves to swim and enjoys music & contemporary art.

Craig McKenzieCraig McKenzie – Giving Director - Technical

Craig is a co-founder and our Technical Director who runs his own Digital Design Agency too. He and his company Brilliant Ltd have created the wonderful website we have.

Craig is involved the in the day to day management of the website, developments and all e-materials that are sent out. Married with two young children he loves Classic Volkswagens, mountain biking and running – even in the Winter!

Richard MorrisRichard Morris – Managing Director

As Managing Director and Co-Founder, Richard is the only director who works full time as a member of the ‘Ops Team’.

He manages the development programme, leads major projects, drives the team and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Richard is responsible for promoting TheGivingMachine to the wider community to help connect us to organisations such as the Social Enterprise Mark CIC, The Big Society and other similar groups.

Richard has a new PA, Becky, who is helping him manage his time and projects. One of Richard’s most important tasks is to provide the biscuits for the team meetings. He is married with 2 children, a dog called Max and nine fish.

While the four of us above started TheGivingMachine, it would not work without the help and support of the following key people on an almost daily basis.

Luisa GatwardLuisa Gatward

Luisa manages all of our retailer relationships, our special offer newsletters and other seasonal promotions.

She makes sure that all the key information about retailers is up date on our website. In addition, Luisa investigates and resolves any donation queries which Givers may have.

Luisa is a wife and mum of two young girls and would love to write a novel, when she has some spare time.

Gina SmithGina Smith

Gina manages all Giver communications including newsletters, our Blog, Giveaway raffles, Fun Fridays and Giver get Giver promotions.

Gina is a wife and mum of two daughters and a son who enjoys acting, skiing, walking and travelling.

Deborah NicholasDeborah Nicholas (Deb)

Deb manages all areas of customer service including Freshdesk (our online help desk), TheGivingMachine general telephone enquiry line and all social media including Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

Deb is a wife and mum to two lively boys. Deb loves photography, cooking and reading - but rarely has time for any of them!

Claire ThompsonClaire Thompson

Claire's main role is to help schools and charities to recruit Givers and promote TheGivingMachine, sending welcome e-mails and keeping the TGM reps up to date with the latest developments.

A wife and mum of two teenage boys, Claire loves to sing and supports Chelsea FC.

Lisa DaleLisa Dale

Lisa is our newest team member, responsible for all school and charity application approvals, nominations and updating the system with bank details. Lisa is married and mum to three so has little time for any hobbies!

Suhash RoySuhash Roy

Suhash joined TheGivingMachine as our computer whizz. Suhash provides day to day technical support to the ‘Ops Team’ as well as providing all the technical requirements for the website, outbound e-mails, retailer information and the data uploads which produce all of our financial reports.

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