Churchmarketplace has teamed up with TheGivingMachine…

To unlock free £££s for all Catholic organisations across England and Wales. 
Every year, shops pay millions of pounds in sales commissions to websites that direct online shoppers to them. TheGivingMachine charity was set-up to turn these commissions into free donations for the shoppers chosen causes and over £1Million has been raised so far.
You can start getting free donations straight away. Just register your School or Catholic organisation as a cause and begin promoting your fundraising page to supporters. We have free support materials to help get the funds flowing.

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Go shopping at TheGivingMachine
Raise free donations at no extra cost, just shopping online. It takes seconds to register your cause and start getting free donations.
Go shopping at TheGivingMachine
These shops and 2300 others will give up to 9% donation to your chosen causes.
Go shopping at TheGivingMachine
Every purchase you make at any participating shop will raise a free cash donation for your chosen causes AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. Join today!

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We work with thousands of retailers like Amazon, Sainsbury's and John Lewis. So you’ll be able to give free donations to the causes you care about every time you buy something via us, at no extra cost to you!


St Gregory's Catholic Primary School (CV37 6UZ)- Clare
"We use TheGivingMachine to raise funds because it is a free and convenient way to raise money. We have to ask parents to pay for things a lot and it's helpful to have a cost free alternative. We have just bought a new school stage with the money raised and we are now raising money to make a kitchen garden for the infants. We love the fact that it’s FREE! Our top tip for encouraging parents to participate is sending out lots of reminders via email and Shop& Give reminder is very helpful."
St Margaret Clitherow RC School – Stevenage (SG2 8QJ) - Neil
"TheGivingMachine is an easy way of increasing our fundraising at a time of stretched resources. Initially the funds raised were used to help with purchasing a new sound system and playground markings and now we are currently raising funds for a new library section to make our funding go further. We love the fact that it’s so simple and easy to use and with constant reminders and advertising to parents it’s a no brainer - a really simple way to raise funds at no cost to anyone! Why wouldn’t you?"
St Mary's RC Primary School,(BB7 9ED)– Amanda
"We like the fact that with TheGivingMachine we have an easy way of raising money without parents feeling like they need to make donations all the time. So far we have used the funds to buy iPad mini cases and items for Christmas displays. What we liked best about TheGivingMachine is its simple and easy to use and being able to donate without losing money! When encouraging parents and supporters to join we find talking one-on-one helps the most so you can explain what it involves which is that it is a really easy way to raise funds for your cause without relying on actual donations and your supporters can make it a part of their life to buy online via TheGivingMachine."
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School (DN2 5JG)– Marina
"We wanted to raise extra funds and we felt that TheGivingMachine, being a not for profit charity was a good fit to help us do that. The donations raised are used for school trip buses, extra-curricular activities and an extension on the school building. We like working with TheGivingMachine as it feels less like a pure ‘for profit’ organisation like some of the others. We would recommend TheGivingMachine as its Free and so easy to use."
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infants (NW2 6HS)– Blazenka
"We use TheGivingMachine as it’s so easy to use and the great thing is it doesn’t cost us or our parents anything, yet it raises much needed funds.,The funds have been used for various additional school activities for the children. We would recommend TheGivingMachine as a great platform to raise additional funds at no extra cost."

Free Promotional Materials

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You can set-up your organisation straightaway and share your fundraising page with everyone letting them know they can click, shop and give for free.

With 2000 shops participating there really is something for everyone. Amazon have already donated £380,000 via our charity to good causes...and the best bit, it doesn't cost a penny more.