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Grove Cottage, the Home of Bishops Stortford Mencap Grove Cottage provides social and educational activities for people of all ages with learning disability: to develop their potential, avoid social isolation by supporting lifelong friendships and to provide respite for their families. History Grove Cottage was set up in 1966 by a group of parents to provide lifelong support for their children, to offer a safe environment to engage in a variety of activities to maximise every individuals potential and to offer respite and support for parents and the wider care network. What do we offer? Children can start in the Special Needs Nursery from 3 months old. From 3 years old they can join Saturday Clubs. At 12 they are able to join the evening Youth Club and when they are ready, normally by 25, they transfer to the Adult Clubs. We also run Holiday Clubs for all ages and a Speech and Language Therapy programme for pre school and school age children. Pre School/Nursery - Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs – 9.30am - 2.30pm Youth Club - Tues Evenings Adults Clubs - Wed & Thurs Evenings Saturday Clubs - Every Saturday Holiday Clubs - Operate during the school holidays Speech and Language Therapy - Individual and group sessions as required (2 – 12years) Who do we help? We have over 150 active members who attend the clubs we offer at Grove Cottage each week. It is not just the members attending the clubs that benefit, but also the parents, carers, siblings and wider care network that gain from the respite and support available. What is our vision? We hope that as our members pass from childhood to adulthood, they will learn new skills and maintain a strong network of friends that will minimise the risk of social isolation as they become older.

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