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WWF-UK Mission Statement WWF-UK is the UK arm of the WWF Network, the world's leading environmental organisation founded in 1961 and now active in over 100 countries. With nearly 50 years of conservation work behind us, WWF is one of the most experienced environmental organisations in the world. WWF addresses global threats to people and nature such as climate change, the peril to endangered species and habitats, and the unsustainable consumption of the world's natural resources. We do this by influencing how governments, businesses and people think, learn and act in relation to the world around us, and by working with local communities to improve their livelihoods and the environment upon which we all depend. WWF uses its practical experience, knowledge and credibility to create long-term solutions for the planet's environment. The mission of WWF is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by: • safeguarding the natural world • tackling climate change • changing the way we live Through our programmes WWF-UK strives to be a credible, challenging, and science-based organisation that addresses issues from the survival of species and habitats to climate change, sustainable business and environmental education - and to bring inspiration and optimism to the people whose lives we touch. We also seek to influence global environmental issues through changing the behaviour of business and government in the UK. Thank you for any support you are able to give.

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