Giving Street - Local Businesses

Drive customer loyalty to your business through community giving

Giving Street is a way to support local charities, schools and community groups as a reward for buying your products and services.

Your business will be promoted by Giving Street, local causes and local media.

Now you can say YES to every local cause that asks for your support in return for their supporters buying from you.  It’s win-win.

You choose how to reward your customers so that it works for your business.

You’ll get a window sticker to clearly identify your participation.

Giving back to community is important to me but so is making sure my business succeeds.  I like Giving Street because it’s win-win and my customers get to choose
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Getting Started

Check out the info pack for more detail.
Simply donate to TheGivingMachine charity and get the same value in tokens back.
Minimum £25 donation + £2.50 charitable sponsorship to get going.
Options to order £50, £75 and £100 of tokens are also available.

  1. Join & Order Giving Street Tokens and any jars you want here
  2. Decide how you’d like to reward customers (see examples below)
  3. Display your sticker and A4 poster to let customers know how they can get tokens
  4. Ensure any collection jars are on display

We’ll regularly come around to log and collect tokens

Example Rewards:

The rewards will depend on your business.  Giving Street Tokens come in 20p and £1 values so you can decide which tokens to order based on your business and the products or services you provide. For example:

  • for a product retailer, all purchases over £15 could receive a token (20p)
  • for all customers who purchase a holiday, buy legal services, complete a house sale 1 or more £1 tokens
  • for all customers who enjoy a meal over £20 on Tuesdays, receive a token for every £20 spent
  • in short – what works for your business.