Giving Street - local loyalty the way it should be!

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TheGivingMachine has enabled online purchases to generate free donations for thousands of causes and now we want to partner with local businesses too.

Giving Street is our “buy local, give local” initiative to help local businesses generate more sales and support the community in a way that makes good business sense.

Now in Bishop’s Stortford!

Giving Street available in Bishop’s Stortford from July 2019

Giving Street – How It Works

Drive Consumer loyalty to your business through community giving

Giving Street is a public way to continually raise the profile of your business locally AND demonstrate your support for local charities, schools and community groups at the same time.

Similar to proven token schemes in supermarkets, you choose which 3 local causes to support each month.

Simply reward all visitors and customers (and their children) with a token to vote for a cause.

Mention your causes in social media alongside your customers, products sold or both and causes will share your posts.  You’ll be helping to raise cause profile while they will be helping raise yours too.

Now you can say YES to every local cause that asks for your support and add them to your scheduled list.  It’s win-win.

You’ll also get a window sticker to clearly demonstrate your participation.

“Giving back to community is important to me but so is making sure my business succeeds.  I like Giving Street because it’s win-win and my customers get to choose”

Help your local community and high street businesses

Look out for participating local businesses, buy from them if you can and cast your vote to support a local cause.  Encourage other businesses and causes to join in too.

Help make this project an even bigger success by liking and sharing social media posts mentioning Giving Street or even posting your own message.

Local companies, customers and causes can help raise each others’ profile to thrive together.

“Supporting local causes by buying local makes complete sense.  It’s a no-brainer!”

Gain support for your cause by promoting local businesses

Giving Street is a way for you to gain additional regular donations by encouraging your supporters to buy from participating local businesses that support your cause.

Just make sure that you are registered with as a cause.  For many local causes, you’ll already be generating funds via our online service so this is just another way we can help you.

Just ask the businesses if they would be happy to support you at some point on their Giving Street collectors and promote them via social media when the time comes.

You’ll be raising the profile of local businesses to your community and gaining free donations at the same time!

“Encouraging our supporters to shop locally so our charity receives a bit more help in these tough times is an easy way to raise the vital funds we need and support the local community too!”