£1Million unlocked for your good causes!


Posted on October 14th, 2015 by Rachel Jackson

Wow! Thank you! Well done!

You’ve unlocked £1Million for good causes and we think that’s pretty amazing.

Just by shopping via TheGivingMachine you’ve enabled 1,407,624 free donations for 8,641 causes. Every donation counts, no matter how big or small, and we just wanted to say a great, big thank you to everyone that has helped reach this impressive total.
So, how about the next million? Here are a few of our fundraising ideas:
Insurance – we have a huge selection of insurance providers on TheGivingMachine and, if you choose a new provider, you could see your cause’s donation total increase by a whopping £45.

Travel – Holidays are often a family’s biggest expense of the year. There are a great range of hotel, airline and holiday companies available on TheGivingMachine. You could raise hundreds for your chosen causes!

Business – If you’re buying for business then you can still unlock free pounds for your good causes.

Reminder cards – Spreading the word is the best way to unlock more money for the causes that matter to you.

There are some great promotional materials on the website to print off, hand out or email.

Get promotional materials here

Order reminder cards here

Shop&Give Reminder – Install the Shop&Giver reminder on your PC or laptop and every time you search for shops and products online, you’ll see our purple heart icon next to retailers giving free donations. It’s a great reminder and ensures your causes never miss out on free donations – install today!

Find out more and install Shop&Give reminder here

Social Media – Spread the word on Social Media and help unlock more donations for your causes.

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Those are a few of our fundraising ideas. What are your best fundraising tips?


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