How to ... raise a donation at Amazon via TheGivingMachine


Posted on November 10th, 2019 by Rachel Jackson

Please follow the below guidelines when shopping at Amazon to ensure your TheGivingMachine donation is tracked. Amazon do not look into any missing donations.

The best way to ensure your Amazon donation is tracked is to visit TheGivingMachine desktop website and click through to Amazon.

Shop&Give desktop reminder

Amazon do not participate in our Shop&Give desktop reminder. You must visit our website, log on and then click out to Amazon.

On mobile

You cannot raise a donation with Amazon via the iOS app. You will need to visit Amazon via TheGivingMachine desktop site.

Donations should be tracked via the Shop&Give Android app, however if you also have the Amazon app then your donation will not be tracked to TheGivingMachine.

Donations will not be tracked on:

  • Items already in your basket before visiting TheGivingMachine and clicking through to Amazon
  • Wishlist items
  • Purchases made using a gift cards
  • Infant formula
  • E-cigarette products
  • Kindle subscriptions

Additional purchases

If you complete a purchase on Amazon and then want to make an additional purchase, you will need to go back to TheGivingMachine website and click back through to Amazon.

Delivery and VAT

Donations may only apply to the cost of the item and not VAT or delivery charges.

Donation Amounts

  • Donation Up to 0.70%
  • Amazon Audible Up to £4.90
  • Prime Wardrobe Purchases Up to £0.00
  • Purchases made via iOS App Up to £0.00
  • Wishlist items Up to £0.00
  • Purchases made via Amazon Smile Up to £0.00


Online shops pay sales commissions to TheGivingMachine charity for referring sales and therefore must be the first click through to a retailer.

If you would like further information on how to raise donations then please contact us.


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