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Posted on January 18th, 2021 by Rachel Jackson


Shopping at Amazon via TheGivingMachine

TheGivingMachine’s relationship with Amazon changed in February 2020. Legal requirements mean that we are no longer able to offer any incentive, reward or donation for shoppers clicking to Amazon from TheGivingMachine website (you can find out more here). However, as you may have seen, we are still able to promote Amazon as an affiliate partner, and the income we generate from this has enabled us to continue the fantastic work TheGivingMachine charity does for good causes throughout the UK.

Amazon’s operating agreements for commercial partners explicitly prevent the community cashback model we previously operated and, in line with other similar schemes in the UK and internationally, the arrangement has come to an end. Amazon does operate its own charity giving scheme, AmazonSmile, and this is available for registered charities (including TheGivingMachine).

So, what happens if you click to Amazon via TheGivingMachine? Shopping at Amazon will still generate income; however, we are unable to give this income away. Instead, the commission we generate from Amazon goes back into the TheGivingMachine so the charity can continue to do the great work it does, and the machine’s cogs continue to turn.

Since February, the income from Amazon has:

  • Enabled TheGivingMachine team to continue working throughout the pandemic so we can help as many good causes as possible at a time they most need it
  • Helped fund the Daily Bonus Donation feature where people can give for free at the click of a button
  • Supported the cause training we are conducting to help them make the most of TheGivingMachine and the GivingLottery
  • Helped to develop and run the Donate Now feature, which is free for all causes, and helped generate almost £10,000 for good causes last year and will do even more next year
  • Contributed to the running of TheGivingMachine in terms of website and app maintenance so that we can keep sending out donations in a time of reduced income from the retailers.


So, as you can see, although shopping via Amazon can no longer directly impact your chosen cause/s, TheGivingMachine has been able to use those monies generated to keep the cogs turning thus enabling us to continue helping many thousands of good causes throughout the UK. #TGMAmazon


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