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Posted on April 1st, 2018 by Rachel Jackson

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If diagnosed at an early stage, bowel cancer can be treated very successfully in over 90% of cases. In spite of this, bowel cancer remains the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, claiming a life every half an hour.

Survival rates for bowel cancer are lower in the UK than in many other European countries, but bowel cancer can be beaten, if we act to diagnose more people early and deliver the best possible care and treatment.

Beating Bowel Cancer and Bowel Cancer UK have now merged to to support people with bowel cancer on all levels.

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Beth Bowel Warrior

Beth was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 37 and told it was incurable at 38. A mum of two she is now working towards helping others get earlier diagnosis.

“When I went to my GP two years before diagnosis, with relevant symptoms, I was told it was probably a bit of IBS and to come back if things got worse. Things didn’t get any better, but I didn’t go back because it didn’t get worse; plus the GP wasn’t worried. 

If the GP had shown any concern that would have prompted me to return, as there was no improvement, then, just maybe the bowel cancer would have been caught early enough to have been treatable.

Now, it is not. I may only have a few years and my dream is that I can create as much awareness about this horrible form of cancer as I possibly can. I will be happy to know I have been able to help people catch this early enough to hear the words: “It can be treated” – unlike me.”

Read more about Beth’s experience in her Blog which aims to spread awareness and support others going through a similar experience.

We have an opportunity to make bowel cancer a rare cancer killer, with more lives saved, and ensure better care for every bowel cancer patient.

To make this a reality we need work together.

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