How can I Donate to Charity when Shopping Online?


Posted on May 5th, 2016 by admin

Life moves pretty fast and we’re bombarded with information every day. Take a look around and you’ll find a worthy cause here, a charitable movement there and in the end, it’s impossible to give your time and money to all of them. Good intentions are great, but sometimes it’s difficult to convert intentions into action. Causes that need our donations are more visible than ever before and the number of charities in circulation increases every day. Having to choose between charities to donate to is a tough ask, because you can strike up a connection from simply watching an advert or hearing from someone in need.

At TheGivingMachine, we know that you can’t donate to every charity and your monthly budget can get in the way of endless charitable giving. We wanted to find a way to integrate charitable giving into your online shopping experience. We wanted a way for you to effortlessly give to charity, at no extra cost to you. TheGivingMachine gives you the option to donate as you buy. It sounds too good to be true, but we really have partnered with thousands of the best online retailers, so you can give to charity when you’re buying every day necessities or splashing out on something special.

So how does it work? Well, first of all we work with online retailers to create a way for a small percentage of your purchase total to be turned into free donations. When you buy from a partnered retailer, we convert the sales commission into a free donation. It means that you can look out for ethical companies and retailers that are clearly interested in making a difference because of their involvement with our scheme. Our experience has shown how lots of companies are keen to get involved and make a contribution to their community and society as a whole. It’s the good will of both companies and customers that makes our work at TheGivingMachine a recipe for success.

All you need to concentrate on is signing up for free on our website, choosing 4 worthwhile charitable causes to donate to and then choosing to shop online with retailers that we’ve teamed up with! The causes that you choose can be schools, charities and community groups and every time you spend money online you can feel safe in the knowledge that your chosen causes will be reaping the benefits of charitable donations. We’ve teamed up with over 6,500 charitable causes and there’s more joining us all the time. You can search for charities and groups in your own community on our website.

We’ve created a simple, easy and effective way for you to boost your charitable giving at no extra cost to you. You can actively seek out companies that are interested in making a difference to communities and together, with your customer loyalty and their free donations, you can help charities benefit from online spending. With thousands of pounds spent every year on everything from insurance to chocolates, we’ve found a great way to integrate charitable giving into your online shopping experience.


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