How you can help your Local Community when Shopping Online


Posted on May 5th, 2016 by admin

If you ask most people, they’ll tell you that they would like to donate more to charitable causes or be able to make more of a difference in their local community. Turn on the TV, browse the web or open a magazine and you’ll see a story that will resonate with you or pull at your heartstrings. Sounds familiar? It’s difficult to not feel like you can do more.

The good news is that you can do more, you can always do more, but it doesn’t have to make demands on your time. In truth, daily life and its ups and downs take over and sometimes charity takes a backseat. Charity starts at home, but so do lots of other things.

When you sit down and think about how much of your purchases are made online and how much of your day is taken up by the internet, it speaks volumes. Why not turn such a simple, trivial task into something much bigger and significant?

We’ve taken an everyday task and turned it into a way for you to make meaningful donations towards your community. TheGivingMachine allows you to donate to charities every time you buy. We turn your online purchase, from one of our thousands of participating retailers, into something much more important. Whether it’s car insurance, gardening tools or toys, your money can go a long way towards impacting your community in a really positive way.

We’ve partnered with thousands of online retailers who all want to get involved and make buying online a more ethical practice. From House of Fraser to Microsoft and Sainsbury’s to Marks and Spencer, there’s a whole host of retailers who are ready to help you turn your purchases into free donations.

Every time you make a purchase online, we’ll take a small percentage of your purchase total, at no extra cost to you and turn it into a free donation. Obviously, the bigger the purchase, the bigger the donation. Your donations will go straight to 4 charitable causes of your choice. You can concentrate on what you want to buy and we’ll do the rest. We can be the perfect team!

So, first of all you need to sign up to TheGivingMachine and we’ll give you a simple introduction to what we do and how you can help. The best part comes when we ask you to choose up to 4 charitable causes to donate to. This is your chance to start making an ongoing impact to charities that mean something to you and they can benefit every time you buy.

Making a big purchase can feel good, but making a charitable donation on top of that can feel even better. It’s the perfect way to make additional contributions towards charities and it doesn’t take much time or effort to do so. Once you’ve signed up with TheGivingMachine, you can get on with your typical online buying habits, but be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be making a difference along the way.


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