What are the different types of Online Charity Cash Back Websites?


Posted on June 7th, 2016 by admin

Life is busy and online charity cash back websites are a way of ensuring that you continue to donate towards charitable causes whilst you buy online, without the hassle of constantly signing up for different charity schemes. Charities that partner with online cash back sites benefit from the fact that they have a funding revenue stream that they can rely on for the long-term. Consumer behaviour research shows that people are increasingly shopping online and this trend is only set to continue, which provides more and more opportunity for people to donate when they buy.

Gift Aid

Whenever you make an online donation to a charity, you should have the option to tick a box signalling that you accept paying through Gift Aid. If you’re a taxpayer then you can tick this box and charities will be able to reclaim tax from HMRC and your donation can automatically be worth 25% or more to a charity. You just need to provide a few details to your charity such as your name, address and declaration that you pay tax in the UK.


Here at TheGivingMachine, we offer a way for you to shop online and make donations towards charitable causes of your choice. We’ve teamed up with thousands of online retailers who want to help impact charities everywhere. When you buy online through one of the participating retailers, a percentage of your online purchase total will be converted into free donations, at no extra cost to you. All you have to do is make sure you buy through a retailer that is partnered with us. You can choose up to 4 charitable causes to donate to. If a charity you want to donate to isn’t available then let them know about the scheme and how they can benefit.

Are you a charity? Then it’s easy to sign up and you can encourage people in your community to donate when they shop online.

PayPal Giving Fund

The PayPal Giving Fund lets charities that have signed up to their scheme raise money from PayPal transactions and eBay sales.  It doesn’t charge any fees, so all money is donated to a charity. Sellers can choose to donate a proportion of their profits to a charity and this can be a one-off donation or a long-term arrangement.


JustGiving is one of the most well-known social fundraising platforms and it also allows charity cash back. Any charity or member of the community can set up a fundraising page for a particular cause and the donations are crowd sourced by the public. GiftAid is automated in JustGiving transactions, so if there is a fundraising page for an issue to do with your charity, you will automatically benefit from over 25% extra in donations. A JustGiving page allows you to tell a story and build a narrative around your cause and harness extra donations through GiftAid.


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