Rowan Christmas E-Giving Designs


Posted on November 8th, 2017 by Rachel Jackson

This year our Christmas e-Giving fund allows you to to select which image you would like on your e-card. We worked in partnership with Rowan, an arts centre and charity for people with learning disabilities based in Cambridge, and their students created a wonderful collection of images for us to use rather than an “off the shelf” Christmas image.

The students at Rowan won the “Over 18’s” category in our Giving Superhero Competition earlier this year so we were delighted that their students could create some more designs for us. Only some of the designs below could feature on our e-card image selection, but we will be using more of their creations on our social media and various locations during the festive season.

The full collection of designs are shown below.

Rowan Images

Set up your Christmas e-Giving Fund now and select your chosen image for your festive e-card to forward to your family and friends.

You can read more about Rowan here and you can sign up to support them for free by shopping via here 


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