Explainer: Online Charity Fundraising Tips and Advice


Posted on June 7th, 2016 by admin

There are loads of ways that your charity can position itself online and benefit from increased donations through online fundraising. If your charity doesn’t have a strong presence online then it’ll miss out on lots of opportunities to increase visibility and spread awareness of the charity and its aims. So, what are some top tips that your charity can take on board to transform the way people can donate and support you? Let’s take a look.


JustGiving is one of the biggest and most successful social fundraising platforms in the UK. It allows you to tell a story and create a narrative around your charity, so that you can reach out to the public and tell them about the fantastic work you do. You’ll be asked to make a fundraising page, where you can get creative and aim to make it stand out from the crowd, whilst communicating your message. Adding a theme, photos and videos can help to engage and inform. You can let people know how much of a difference specific donation amounts will make to your charity and your fundraising page can be a way for the public to interact with you and ask questions. You can spread the word and share your fundraising page across social media platforms.


By signing up with us here at TheGivingMachine, your charity can benefit from donations from the public every time they buy. We work with thousands of online retailers and every time someone buys from one of these retailers, a small percentage of their purchase total is converted into free donations and given to you! All you need to do is sign up as a charity, so that people can pick you to be one of their 4 charitable causes. Spread the word to your community and supporters so they can donate every time they buy.


Putting together an email campaign to encourage direct online donations to your charity is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to fundraise. You can create engaging content and send regular updates to your supporters. It’s a good idea to monitor your open-rates and click-throughs, so you can see what kind of email subject lines are effective and which types of content appeal to supporters. Providing links to your website and funding pages can increase direct donations.

Social Media

Promoting your charity and your online fundraising opportunities is really important and social media provides the perfect way to spread your message even further. Local promotion is effective but social media opens up new avenues and pushes the limits in terms of scope and people you can reach. You can interact with people through social media channels, create engaging content and start a dialogue around your charity and its story. If you have a fundraising page then you can promote it through Twitter and Facebook etc and also link to your website, which can provide clear, concise messages about who your charity is and what it does.


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