Festival Fever - Top Tips


Posted on May 11th, 2015 by Luisa Gatward


With festival time upon on, here is a guide with top tips to help you make the most of your festival.

What to take:

Tent – If you are going for more than a day, a tent is an obvious necessity! Arrive early so you have a choice of where to pitch your tent, it is a good idea to pitch it close to a landmark so you know where it is when the field is full of tents.  You could also add a flag to your tent to help it stand out.  Think carefully about where you pitch your tent (not too close to the toilets!) and allow a little space around your tent.  Deciding which tent to get is an important decision – do you want an easy pop up tent which requires little work or a tent which needs assembling but might be slightly larger/better quality?  Considering that most tents do not make it home, it is not worth blowing the budget on an expensive one.

Phone – A phone is a pretty essential part of your festival kit as it is the best way to find friends.  However it is a good idea to take a cheaper basic phone which will allow you to contact your friends and take photo’s but you won’t be devastated if lost!  It is also a good idea to get a portable battery charger to ensure the phone lasts the festival.

Toiletries – Although usual hygiene routines are not possible at festivals, by taking some carefully selected items you will manage to feel fresh as a daisy!  A must is sunscreen, even if it doesn’t look particularly sunny, you will be outside for hours.  A pack of wipes will help get some of the dirt off if you are unable to get to a shower (these can also double up as toilet paper!), toothbrush/paste and antibacterial hand gel.  A small first aid kit is also advisable.

Water – Take as much bottled water as you can fit in your bag and make sure you drink plenty as many people suffer with dehydration at festivals.  It will also make it easier to brush your teeth.

Clothing – It is always difficult to know what clothes to take to a festival as our British weather is so unpredictable, but I would suggest that wellies and waterproof are key items.  Other than that it is best to wear layers and remember that it will be cold at night.

Food – You will be able to buy food at the festivals and most festivals have a good selection to choose from but I would advise you to also take some of your own.  This will save you money as the stalls at festivals are known for being expensive but it will also save you queuing!

Have a fantastic time, we would love to hear about your festival experiences and any tips you can share.




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