Finding a Local Charity or Cause to Support


Posted on May 24th, 2016 by admin

Finding a local charity or cause

At TheGivingMachine, we encourage you to choose up to 4 charitable causes to make free donations towards, every time that you shop online with a partnered retailer. Lots of people decide to look close to home and donate to charities that are in their local community and that they come into contact with regularly. But how can you make a good choice about which local charitable cause to donate to? We’ve got some handy tips to help your decision a bit easier. Here are some tips for finding a local charity or cause to support:


Chances are that we’ve all impacted from a local charitable cause in a community at some point. It could be someone small like offering to help pack your shopping at the supermarket or a more impactful act like providing support to a relative in a time of need. Whatever it is, big or small, choosing a charity that has helped you before can be a great way to give back to a charity and your community. When you give to a charity that means something to you, you can create a longer-lasting relationship with them and feel a part of their progress.


All charities are deserving, but there are some causes that won’t manage to raise the same amount of funds as others. Bigger charities tend to have larger fundraising campaigns and more resources behind them which means that they have the potential to raise more awareness and money for their cause. Choosing a smaller, local charity and donating to them can have a bigger impact in the long run. A sustained amount of donations when you shop through TheGivingMachine can make a meaningful impact.


If you’re not too sure about the charity scene in your local community then you can use the Search function on TheGivingMachine website. You’ll be able to filter charities by choosing your location and other sub categories, so you can pick up to 4 charities that appeal to you. Not every charity in your local community will be partnered with us, so if they’re not on the list you can pop down and have a word with them and tell them about how they can benefit!


When you’ve had a browse through the different local charitable causes in your community, make sure that you do some research of your own. Have a look through the available charities and see what impact they make in the community and any results they might have to prove their impact. It’s important that you make a considered and informed decision before you choose your charities, because it’s good to know what you’re supporting and how you can help them in other ways too.


After having a look at other charities in your local community, you might be inspired to help other causes in different ways, besides free donations through TheGivingMachine. It might be that you choose to donate to a smaller charity that has less visibility and needs more funding and carry out some short-term volunteering with a larger local charity that benefits from more financial aid. It’s up to you, but you can weigh up your charitable output in the community and help charities in different ways.


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