Fundraising Ideas for Animal & Wildlife Charities


Posted on May 24th, 2016 by admin

Fundraising Ideas for Animal & Wildlife Charities

Animal and wildlife charities do amazing work and are committed to protecting the environments and welfare of animals. Anyone that works at a charity will tell you that there’s always work to be done and that the role that charities take on is ever increasing. This is especially true with animal welfare, as there are new problems that challenge wildlife and the habitats they live in every day. Charities are always in need of donations so that they can continue their fantastic work and keep our animals safe and protected. There are lots of ways that you fundraise to help animal and wildlife charities, here are some ideas!

Animal Show

Depending on the animals that your charity represents, you can allow some of your local community to come and learn more about the animals and get a chance to meet some of them too! This is a great way to get children to learn about the specific problems that affect certain animals and the challenges they face. Some of the animals can be handled or petted by visitors. It’s important that you only do this if the animals involved won’t get distressed and are fairly sociable.

You can even get a representative from your charity to take animals out to a local school or into a nursing home to get people in the community involved.


At TheGivingMachine, we wanted to find a way for people to donate to charities of their choice every time they buy online and guess what, we’ve found it! All you need to do is make sure your animal welfare charity is signed up with us, which you can do here. Then you can start letting people know about the scheme and encouraging them to sign up themselves. Once they sign up they have to choose up to 4 charitable causes of their choice, meaning that your charity can be one of them. We’ve partnered up with thousands of online retailers, so every time someone buys through one of them, we’ll take a small percentage of their purchase total and turn it into a free donation. It’s a fantastic way to make long-term donations towards your charity and make a difference.

Animal Dress-up

Everybody loves to dress up every now and then, but what if you organised a special animal themed dressing up day; who could resist? This is a really fun and engaging way to get people in your local community thinking about issues to do with conservation and animal welfare. Getting everyone to dress up as their favourite animal can raise a few smiles and can show people in a simple way what you’re fundraising for. You could even make it a more permanent thing and have your own mascot that does regular fundraising.

Dog Wash

If you’re involved with a charity that looks after and promotes dog welfare then why not open your doors to even more dogs and invite them in for a wash? Ask people for a donation when you give their dog a bath and see the pounds start rolling in. It’s a great way to have a chat with people about animal welfare and make some new furry friends too.


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