Fundraising sector torn between 'Right to ask' and 'Right to give'


Posted on July 1st, 2010 by admin

Civil Society article of the 26th May 2010:

Institute of Fundraising trustees are considering whether ‘Right to give’ might be a better campaign theme for the fundraising sector than the ‘Right to ask’ concept originally proposed. See full article

I thought that this article touched on an interesting point in that the act of a donation is a “giving thing” for the donor and a “taking thing” for the beneficiary. Many charities focus on the efficiency of taking and in this article, the right to ask for and take donations.

From a Giver point of view, they may have some definite opinions about the difference between raising their awareness of what a charity does, its benefits to others and how they can get involved vs. putting them on the spot and leaving a very one sided “transaction”.

Perhaps there is an opportunity to think about how the sector can help foster an environment where giving is something that we all do in many different ways and so it becomes a case of how you want to give who you choose to give to rather than whether you choose to give at all.

Talking about “rights” just doesn’t hit the right tone for me and feels exclusive rather than inclusive.


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