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Posted on January 20th, 2016 by Rachel Jackson

It’s the time of year where New Year’s Resolutions are made, gym memberships begin and people generally want to start getting back in shape after the Christmas period. If this is you then you’re not alone, as the sales of health and fitness gadgets go through the roof in January. Making an effort to improve your health and wellbeing can be a great way to improve your general happiness, which in turn can benefit many areas of your life for the better. There are plenty of health and fitness gadgets out there on the market that can make eating, sleeping and exercising easier and also enable you to track your progress. If there is a better way to invest in your personal health and raise free online donations for a cause you care about at the same time, then we’d love to hear it!

ActivMotion bar

If you want to use a gadget that will help you to improve your core muscles, then the ActivMotion bar is certainly up to the task. The hollow bar contains steel ball bearings, which roll whilst you hold the bar, so you have to adjust your balance accordingly, which helps to strengthen your core. This has more of an effect than static equipment such as a medicine ball, as you have to constantly try and maintain your balance with an ActivMotion bar.






The Fitbit Fitness band is a great way to monitor many aspects of your health that contribute towards your overall wellbeing. Getting a good night of sleep is essential and can drastically affect your day and the Fitbit is able to analyse how much sleep you’re getting and the quality of it too. It counts the steps you take daily and can calculate the total of calories you burn every day. Your heartrate is also monitored by the band and you can access all of this information through the FitBit app.






When you’re cycling, it’s pretty difficult to check on your progress without compromising your safety. You need to concentrate on the road and what’s going on around you so Sportiiiis offers the perfect solution. It’s a device that can fit onto your helmet or sunglasses and can notify you of your progress, such as heart-rate, speed and power. You can receive your stats through a light display or audio.






The HAPIfork is a fork that is able to monitor the rate that you eat your meals and notify you when you are eating too fast. Eating slowly is better for your metabolism and the HAPIfork can analyse the durations of your meals and track your progress over time.





Finis Neptune

If you enjoy swimming, but sometimes get a bit bored of your own thoughts during a long session then the Finis Neptune could be for you. It’s a device that attaches to a swimmer’s goggles and uses bone conduction audio so you can listen to music when you swim and get motivated by your favourite songs.





Umoro One

The Umoro One is a useful bottle for any avid gym users. It can function as a normal bottle, but during or after a gym session, if you need protein, you can press a button that releases your protein mix into the bottle and will give you a much needed boost.






Smart Toothbrushes

Good oral hygiene is really important and smart toothbrushes  are a new way of being able to clean your teeth more effectively and minimise dental problems. The toothbrushes are able to move in different ways, at different intensities and provide varying pressure, so that they can deep clean your teeth. They are also Bluetooth enabled so you can analyse your results and change the way you clean your teeth in response.









SAD Light

The shorter days and dark nights over the winter months can take their toll and the lack of Vitamin D because of decreased sunlight means that your concentration levels, energy levels and general mood may suffer as a consequence. A lightbox can help to treat these symptoms with intensive bright light. It can be moved around and used wherever you want in your home and whenever you feel a dip in your mood.






We wish you the best of luck on your fitness journey, and hope you decide to shop with TheGivingMachine, helping to raise free donations to causes when you shop online!


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