Gift Ideas to Keep You Feeling Warm this Winter


Posted on November 26th, 2015 by Rachel Jackson

Gift ideas to keep you feeling warm this winter

As the evenings continue to draw in and we head into winter months, there is nothing like some additional home comforts to help keep you feeling cosy this winter. Let’s face it, there is no hiding that we all enjoy that warm winter feeling.

Whether you are looking for gifts for a loved one or just scouting out the creature comforts to help keep you feeling jolly during the winter months, we think you’ll love our hand-picked selection of gifts to make winter that little less, well, cold this year….

From candles to slippers and gadgets to books, TheGivingMachine’s new product search functionality is a portal to all of your favourite winter warmers in one place. This will help to keep you smiling whilst the sunny summer weather evades us.



Start your day with a nice hot drink…that stays hot!

Everyone knows that the best days start with a hot drink. Whether you are a coffee or tea lover, all too often that morning drink sinks down too quickly and upon leaving the house, you’re left instantly wishing you could replenish.

Well tradesmen and commuters in particular will be very familiar with the famous Thermos flask. A simple, yet ingenious way to keep a supply of tea, coffee or even hot chocolate for that morning commute to work. An excellent money saver, and a little bit of warmth until you make it to your place of work.

Use our product search to see a selection of Thermos Flasks.


Are you smart enough to wrap up warm?


Something that hasn’t been spared a thought until recently is our dependencies on smart phones and touch screen devices. We are made to make the all important decision whether to brave getting ice cold hands to stay connected, or keep warm and risk being out of the loop for parts of the day. What if we told you that you can now purchase gloves that keep your hands warm without losing the ability to use a touch screen device? The perfect gift for those who live in the constantly connected World!


Take a look at the selection of smart gloves available to buy through TheGivingMachine here.

More traditional? Try some driving gloves

Perhaps not the most fashionable of accessories this winter, but a highly conventional addition to your winter wardrobe. Why not try a pair of driving gloves to keep your hands functioning when heading out in the cold? Whether it is for the school run or a daily commute to work, nobody likes that unnerving dip in temperature whilst you wait for the car to defrost or the cold-to-touch steering wheel.

That’s why we think driving gloves offer an excellent solution to keeping your hands toasty whilst out on the road.

A soothing soak is just the ticket

After a long day at work, it feels only right to run a warm bath and let the stress of everyday life float away in to the distance. Try substituting your everyday toiletries for some seasonal soaps and calming candles. It’s time to relax! Unleash those cinnamon aromas and unwind.

A pair of sumptuous slippers

Nothing says “works done” like getting home and putting your feet up donning your pair of favourite slippers. Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good pair of slippers to wear around the house? Especially those of you with tiled or wooden flooring! From the moment you wake up to stepping in to bed, there’s not many people out there who don’t appreciate a toasty pair of slippers to hand in the cold winter months.

Head over to our product search, where you’ll find a sublime selection of fluffy foot warmers in all shapes and sizes for men, women and children.

Warming winter drinks and recipes

There’s nothing that will warm your cockles up more than a fresh home brew in the evenings. Especially during the cold British winter. But why not try something a little different this year?

Amazon stock a number of great cook books for those warming winter recipes. From stews to soups, you can feel inspired by the range of great winter warmers you can create from the comfort of your own home.

More specifically we have picked out this excellent book by Hannah Miles titled Hot Chocolate – it’s one of our favourite hot drinks at TheGivingMachine HQ. Perfect for sipping by the fireside, Hannah Miles has created a delightful collection of warming winter drinks that will appeal to all of the family. Whether it is topped with swirls of whipped cream, subtly spiced with cinnamon or laced with liqueur, a hot chocolate is one of the worlds best-loved drinks. No longer should you have to settle for a below-par hot chocolate.

The infamous board game!

Something of a lost treasure in many households, board games can provide the perfect winter respite and remind you of life’s finer things, such as the art of conversation. Not to mention a bit of light hearted competition and laughter in the household. Try your hand at some of the latest board games to be released!

They’re all here.

So if you are looking for some great gift idea inspiration this winter, or just a bit more winter warmth, use our product search feature and browse our excellent selection of retailers. Don’t forget to shop with TheGivingMachine, to ensure that your chosen cause receives a free donation from your purchase, at no cost to you, the shopper.

From all at TheGivingMachine, we hope we have helped to keep you feeling warm this winter…


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