How to Grow your Charity or Cause Online


Posted on June 7th, 2016 by admin

Having an online presence for your charity or cause is really important if you want to secure donations, spread awareness and grow your charity. There is a multitude of ways that online success can mean your charity should start to think about long-term plans, ideas and put them into action. If online strategy is all a bit new, we’ve put together some ideas that you can take on board and try out. Once you’ve positioned your charity online, you’ll find that it will transform the way you fundraise in the future.

Charity Website

An effective website is a good place to start for your charity. Simply including a ‘donate’ button and having an uninspiring website isn’t enough and when people visit your site, you should see it as a chance to grab their attention and spread your message. Put your messages across in clear and concise ways, as you don’t have long to tell people what your charity is all about. Your website can showcase engaging, interactive content such as videos, blog posts and infographics; if you provide information in an appealing way, people will want to donate.

Online Charity Cash Back Websites

Here at TheGivingMachine, we’re a website that allows your charity to benefit from heaps of free donations. It’s the perfect way to secure long-term funding from your supporters. All you need to do is sign up and encourage your supporters to pick you as one of their 4 charitable causes to donate to. We’ve partnered with thousands of online retailers and every time someone shops with one, a percentage of their purchase total will be converted into a free donation and given to your charity. It’s a really simple, easy way for people to make a commitment to your charity.


Creating a Youtube channel for your charity is a fun and interactive way to connect with supporters and the public. You can show the type of work that your charity does on a day to day basis, answer questions or film one of your fundraising events. It’s up to you, but Youtube gives you a great platform to spread awareness in an engaging format.

Social Media

Social media platforms give you the chance to build relationships online and interact with potential supporters and people that already make donations. You can also encourage people to visit your website, fundraising pages and engage with your content by promoting it on social media. You’ll be able to let people know how they can get involved with your charity and about events that are coming up in the near future. Your presence on social media also allows you to network with local businesses and potential sponsors, as well as other local community groups and charities.

Fundraising Sites

Fundraising sites such as JustGiving allow you to set up a page for your charity and encourage people to donate. You could be putting on a specific event and are looking for sponsors or it could be a page for ongoing donations. Making your page stand out is important and these sites give you a chance to tell a story about your charity and show the valuable work that you do. JustGiving is automated with Gift Aid, so any donations made by UK taxpayers will be at least 25% more than their donation.


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