Social Distancing Halloween Ideas


Posted on September 21st, 2020 by Rachel Jackson

For many, Halloween is one of the highlights of the year, with kids getting dressed up and knocking on neighbour’s doors asking for sweets. This year is unlikely to see any trick or treating, however, there’s no need to cancel Halloween completely. We have some fun family-friendly ideas for how to celebrate Halloween at home with your children.

Create your own haunted house

Haunted House

Create your own haunted house and set challenges in different rooms of your home. Children will love helping make and put up spooky decorations around the house. Those that manage to complete a challenge receive a  sweet ‘treat’ (and a trick for those that don’t?).

Ideas for spooky rooms and challenges:

  • Complete a maze in the dark: Move your furniture around to create a maze, switch lights off so the children have to navigate their way through with nothing but glow sticks to see by.
  • Blindfold sensory challenge: Using a scarf as a blindfold, participants are taken around the room by a guide. Hang damp towels above as they walk through for a spooky effect and make pipe cleaner and pompom spiders.
  • Halloween challenge room: Have a big bowl full of flour and sweets where the children have to bob their heads into to catch the sweets (similar to apple bobbing but children will have ghostly flour faces in the end). Or use hands to find sweet treats at the bottom of a bowl of slime.

Video Call Halloween party


Hold a socially distanced Halloween costume competition.  Send pictures of your costumes via WhatsApp or hold a video call Halloween fancy dress party with friends.

Haunted Halloween Quiz

Hold a Halloween quiz via video call with a group of friends. Each group comes up with a set of Halloween based questions. Kids will enjoy coming up with spooky questions or challenges – music and picture rounds are always great fun. The winners receive a lovely sweet treat, but what about the losers?

Creepy cakes and other Halloween food

halloween biscuits

Get creative in the kitchen and cook a Halloween themed feast. Think ‘finger’ hotdogs, ‘spider’ cookies, ‘ghost’ meringues and’eyeball’ cakepops.

You’ll find some spooky ideas here

Creepy pumpkin carving

pumpkin carving

Create a creepy pumpkin masterpiece. Pick up your pumpkin at the supermarket or, if you can, pick your own at a local farm. You’ll find some amazing pumpkin ideas on the internet. If you don’t fancy carving your pumpkin then how about decorating it using paints and art supplies?


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