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Posted on June 24th, 2015 by Rachel Jackson

Support your favourite causes for FREE at
The Historic Vehicle Gathering at Powderham Castle

TheGivingMachine™ charity is delighted to be working with the Crash Box and Classic Car Club of Devon to help raise funds for some fantastic Devon based charities – Devon Air Ambulance, Children’s Hospices SW, Exeter Sea Cadets and The Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education. The upcoming Historic Vehicle Gathering at Powderham Castle, over the weekend of 11th and 12th July, will be adding to the £100,000+ already donated to local charities by the Crash Box and Classic Car Club of Devon in previous years and this year, with the help of TheGivingMachine™, hopes to benefit even more local causes.

Recognising that some of the thousands of visitors who attend the Historic Vehicle Gathering might like to support their own favourite causes with an additional free donation, The Crash Box and Classic Car Club of Devon, having previously been unable to easily administer donations to a large number of other charities, are now able to do so thanks to TheGivingMachine™.

So far TheGivingMachine™ has helped over 85,000 people raise 1.3 million free donations for over 8,200 UK based schools, charities and community groups – just by shopping online via TheGivingMachine™ at nearly 2,000 online shops – including Amazon, M&S, John Lewis, Next, Sports Direct and Boden. Devon based causes have benefitted by £23,000 to date, and their supporters are eager to help make it much more. Most events just raise a single lump sum and whilst important, you could be generating a regular income stream for your favourite causes when they shop on line via TheGivingMachine™.

TheGivingMachine™ charity brings companies and customers together to help charities, schools and community organisations with their fundraising. It is free to use, for both the shopper and their causes. The free donations are paid as a commission by online retailers, to TheGivingMachine™, as a reward for directing shoppers to them and making a purchase. TheGivingMachine™ then converts this commission into a donation for the online shopper’s chosen cause.

What’s the catch? The simple answer is – there isn’t one.

• Simply register as a Giver
• Click on the link of your chosen retailer
• Shop as normal
• Donation credited to your account and sent to your chosen cause automatically

Recently a Club member purchased a new projector – they clicked on TheGivingMachine™, chose the retailer, ordered it and paid for it in the normal way. It didn’t cost the buyer any extra. Shortly afterwards, a donation was generated by the retailer and was paid by TheGivingMachine™, to Exeter Sea Cadets (who help each year at The Historic Vehicle Gathering).

So how can you get involved and support your cause? You can visit and firstly vote for who you want to receive a share of the money being donated by The Crash Box Club. Thereafter every time you want to shop online, just visit the website first, and make your purchase as normal. For those extra couple of clicks a free donation is created to help your cause. (N.B. Voting is open wef 4th July, but you can register prior to this!.)

Alternatively, visitors to The Historic Vehicle Gathering will be able to use their mobile phone to text CGGVQ to 88802 (TheGivingMachine™) and find out more. After the show, a donation, made by the Crash Box and Classic Car Club of Devon will be distributed by TheGivingMachine™ to the school and charities the visitors have selected. If family and friends are coming to the show, they can also vote. Once registered, they can continue to support the causes that are important to them when they shop online via TheGivingMachine™.

TheGivingMachine™ are delighted to be sponsoring the event and will have a stand at the show should there be any questions. In addition, in the days leading up to the Show, TheGivingMachine™ will be contacting participating charities and schools in the area to encourage their supporters to come to the Show. As a result, they’ll be doing their bit to help boost the Club’s exciting annual event.

New fundraising techniques for charities
For the 8,200+ schools, clubs and charities that participate, shopping platforms like TheGivingMachine™ have opened new and regular forms of funding, as Cystic Fibrosis Trust has experienced.

“We rely on philanthropy to continue our mission which ensures that everyone with cystic fibrosis has access to the best care and treatment possible,” says Carol Hunt, South East Fundraising Manager. “Platforms like these are an easy and regular fundraising channel that is incomparable to other fundraising methods in terms of time intensity and cost. So far TheGivingMachine™ has generated over £4,000 for us – an amazing sum of money, particularly considering the money costs our supporters nothing to create.”

Richard Morris, CEO of TheGivingMachine™ wants giving to be possible for everyone.

“Up until now, giving to charity has often depended on whether you can afford it”, says Richard. “By taking away this financial barrier, giving becomes a positive behaviour choice rather than a financial or guilt-based choice. More giving benefits us all – companies, customers and communities together.”

To visit  TheGivingMachine™ website, click here.


About TheGivingMachine™
TheGivingMachine™ is the only charity helping shoppers generate free cash donations for a variety of charitable and social organisations including schools and charities, every time they shop online.
Originally set up in 2006 as a social enterprise, TheGivingMachine™ was awarded The Social Enterprise Mark in 2011 to date and became a charity in 2014. Its members support thousands of schools, charities and charitable organisations across the UK.
As a charity guided by a social purpose, TheGivingMachine™ converts the majority of each commission generated possible from online shoppers’ favourite retailers into a free donation. This money is then forwarded to the charitable and social organisations chosen by the shopper.
The concept was set up by four Hertfordshire Dads, who met up in the spring of 2006 and agreed to use their different business skills to benefit charities and schools rather than profits for shareholders. The idea for TheGivingMachine™ was born.
Founder and managing director Richard Morris is the author of Givenomics, ( and a contributor to The Guardian’s week-long 50 voices project, where they asked 50 people to share what social enterprise means to them.
For further information on TheGivingMachine™ please visit
Or Contact:
Sarah Markham
Director of Marketing
T: + (0)7711 057 121


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