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Posted on November 1st, 2017 by Rachel Jackson

We are pleased to announce that Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School is TheGivingMachine’s featured cause for November!

This means all windfall donations made by givers that do not log on to their account when shopping via TheGivingMachine, will go to Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School.

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School is a small friendly primary school working hard to raise aspirations in their local area of Parr in St Helens and teaching their children that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up!

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary
Our children at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School St. Helen's

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School and the school PTFA, brought the idea of TheGivingMachine to the school’s community of children, parents, family, friends and school staff.

To do this they sent out leaflets promoting TheGivingMachine, especially the Shop&Give Reminder, and then they followed it up with sponsor forms which further explained in more detail how it worked and how it could benefit the school children.

The filled in sponsor forms came with a promise to the children of 10 house points!  This has proved to be a great motivator for the children and they have been eager to get people signed up! Giving the children the opportunity to participate in raising money and learn about alternative ways to support their school has been a bonus.

Now, they are working on their class wish, whereby each class chooses something they would like at their school, whether it be a trip out, a creative workshop or more equipment – for instance to purchase some new tablets.

Parents, family and friends have also been asked to put forward any wishes they would like to see at the school making it a real school community effort.

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary
You are the light of the world
Being part of TheGivingMachine

“This is week 2 and we started week 1 with 3 donors but now at the beginning of week 2 we have 47 people and we’ve only sent out the sponsor forms on Friday.

Being part of TheGivingMachine, the children will benefit a great deal! Parents, families, friends as well as all the school staff are participating and the potential fundraising that can be done at no cost to people through TheGivingMachine is fantastic!”

Find out how many retailers we work with to see the range of shops you can buy from and browse away!

Sign up to support Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School (St Helens)


This is a great opportunity for our school, lets keep the donations coming.

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