How much can your weekly grocery shop raise?


Posted on March 1st, 2018 by Luisa Gatward

With so much shopping now being ordered online, it is getting easier to generate free donations for the school, charities or community groups you care about.

One way of generating regular free donations is by ordering your grocery shopping online.  Nearly half of Brits are current online grocery shoppers, with one in ten doing all their grocery shopping online.

This is good news for us but even better news for the causes we support.

So how do our Supermarkets stack up on the donations they offer?

Waitrose: £3.75 donation for new customers and £1.13 donation for existing customers. However Waitrose regularly increase these donations to £5.63 and £1.88 and even increase the new customer donation to a very generous £20.00.

Sainsburys: £0.75 donation on all grocery shops and so far Sainsbury’s have donated over £55k to good causes via us.

Iceland: Upto 4.5% for new customers and 0.75% for existing customers. Iceland have recently joined TheGivingMachine and offer various donation amounts for new customers depending on the amount of your order.

Asda: £4.13 donation paid for new customers only.

Tesco: Not on our site at the moment but due to return soon. When Tesco were available on our site they paid a £4 donation for new customers only.

So what does this mean for your causes?

Quite simply it means more money for them. Based on the donation amounts each supermarket offers, this is what you could generate each year if you did your weekly grocery shop online via us:

Waitrose: approx £82.76

Sainsburys: £39.00

Iceland: approx £42.75

Asda: £4.13


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