Keep Your Lockdown Shopping Resolutions


Posted on April 6th, 2021 by Luisa Gatward


Open For Vintage are thrilled to share their latest campaign, which aims to encourage their community and the wider fashion audience to “Keep Your Lockdown Shopping Resolutions”. 

Support small and independent stores & buy less, buy better.

As the UK prepares for a lift in Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and socialising begins to become a not-so-distant possibility, the temptation to start frantically adding options to our wardrobe may re-emerge for some people. Open For Vintage are launching their campaign in an effort to encourage shoppers to continue the mindful approach that was adopted by so many during the pandemic.

A survey during 2020 found that 60% of shoppers were making more sustainable, environmentally friendly or ethical purchases since the start of the pandemic. This can only be positive for the planet.

They hope their campaign will remind shoppers to keep these habits front of mind as we enter some form of ‘normality’ again.

Each and every item they sell comes from independent boutique partners who are located around the world. Their boutique network is made up of expert vintage sellers who run their boutiques with an eye for incredible vintage and a passion for pre-owned. During the pandemic, we have been thrilled to be able to support the trade of these businesses, by connecting their products with our global customer base. Every time you shop with Open for Vintage, you are supporting an independent vintage boutique.

In tandem with this, Open For Vintage constantly work towards driving the change to a more circular fashion economy, by allowing our community to discover pre-owned and vintage goods. Their customers help them to rehouse fashion’s quality craftmanship that is made to last lifetimes, not seasons. They advocate for buying less but buying better as a more considered, sustainable approach to building a wardrobe.

As they launch their Keep Your Lockdown Shopping Resolutions campaign, they ask you to keep supporting small shops and businesses, from your grocery shopping to your outfit buying. When it comes to adding to your wardrobe, ask yourself – how long will this last?


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