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Posted on November 25th, 2015 by Richard Morris

The great British public is incredibly generous when it comes to charitable giving; in 2014 over £10.6 billion was donated to good causes by individuals. At TheGivingMachine we aim to harness the feel good factor that comes with supporting charities and tap into the public’s generosity – but without it costing them a single penny.

As a charity supporting other charities our ambition at TheGivingMachine is to get hundreds of thousands of online shoppers to sign up with our website this Christmas so that every time they make a purchase they support their favourite causes – for free. It really is that simple; shop with the country’s leading retailers via our website and every purchase generates a free donation which is given to your nominated charity, or charities.

Imagine the satisfaction of making a purchase for Great Aunt Maud and at the same time supporting a national charity or a local organisation in desperate need of funds. It’s a win, win situation for everyone from you the shopper, to Maud, to the recipient charity. And what our supporters tell us they really like about using TheGivingMachine is that every time they log on to our website they can see a running total of just how much they have raised for their favourite causes. Whoever thought shopping would become a charitable act!

We’re therefore concentrating our efforts in the build up to the festive season in changing the online shopping habits of the British public. We want to convince even more people that it involves no effort or cost on their part; they just need to use our website rather than logging on through their usual search engine. Just imagine the charities we could help together if we tapped into the £17.37 billion that was spent online during the Christmas period last year.

So if you haven’t yet signed up please do so now – it’s quick, it’s easy and you’ll feel great for doing so. If you’re already on board then help us spread the message; we’re launching a national social media campaign and we’d really appreciate your help in spreading the message #giveforfree, #lovetogive and #lovetohelp.

If only we could get Father Christmas to sign up………


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