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Posted on April 27th, 2015 by Rachel Jackson

Bishops Stortford Canoe Club

Having recently joined TheGivingMachine, Active East Herts member Bishop’s Stortford Canoe Club are delighted to have already raised £102+ in free donations. TheGivingMachine, a not-for-profit charity that creates free cash donations for charities and schools when shoppers buy online, has raised almost £1m in donations. It was the first not-for-profit online shopping website using affiliate marketing programmes to enable people to give to a variety of charitable and social organisations across the country, for free.

TheGivingMachine exists not just as a fundraising platform, but as an engine to enable giving, connecting companies with customers and good causes. TheGivingMachine’s model enables individuals to unlock funds through a small change in their behaviour and by building giving into their normal everyday routines when they shop online. Companies contribute towards their social objectives as part of their every day business.

Every year, online shops pay hundreds of millions of pounds in sales commissions to other websites for referrals. People search for a product or service on the internet, or maybe visit a comparison website, click on a link and then make a purchase. In many cases, they generate a sales commission for somebody else – but in the case of TheGivingMachine, it converts those commissions into free donations for causes chosen by the shopper. While some similar online shopping models take a percentage of each donation for profit, TheGivingMachine is the only UK charity and social enterprise mark holder ensuring that a variety of charitable and social organisations benefit from the highest percentage of each donation. 100% goes to charity!

The shopper can choose to donate to up to four causes at a time, with a percentage split of the money distributed to each one. Any UK cause whose primary purpose is for public benefit can sign up to TheGivingMachine, where little amounts build up to make regular donations over a period of time.

TheGivingMachine is simple to join and is free, simply visit

New fundraising techniques for charities
For the 8,100 schools, clubs and charities that participate, shopping platforms like TheGivingMachine have opened new and regular forms of funding, as Cystic Fibrosis Trust has experienced.

“We rely on philanthropy to continue our mission which ensures that everyone with cystic fibrosis has access to the best care and treatment possible,” says Carol Hunt, South East Fundraising Manager. “Platforms like these are an easy and regular fundraising channel that is incomparable to other fundraising methods in terms of time intensity and cost. So far TheGivingMachine has generated over £4,000 for us – an amazing sum of money, particularly considering the money costs our supporters nothing to create.”
Richard Morris, CEO of TheGivingMachine wants giving to be possible for everyone. “Up until now, giving to charity has often depended on whether you can afford it”, says Richard. “By taking away this financial barrier, giving becomes a positive behaviour choice rather than a financial or guilt-based choice. More giving benefits us all – companies, customers and communities together.”

To find out more about TheGivingMachine, click here.

Active East Herts website, click here.


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