How many Causes were paid in April?


Posted on May 21st, 2018 by Rachel Jackson

How many Causes have we paid this April?

700 of you have just been paid! What an amazing amount of Causes benefiting for FREE!

We hope that your free donations are keeping you in good stead! Remember to thank your Givers, after all, you couldn’t have done this without their help. Show your supporters how much this means to you and spread the news to existing and new Givers out there!

You are doing a great job promoting your causes and communicating with your Givers.

Log in to your Cause Dashboard to see your statement of donations and view some new Promotional Materials to get inspiration and Thank your Givers!

Our Top 25 Causes

Out of over £28,000 paid to our Causes recently, our top payout was made to Bridgewater High School!

1 Bridgewater High School PTA £632.82
2 St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School £598.13
3 St Bernard’s Preparatory School £450.24
4 Hinchley Wood School £347.27
5 West Town Lane Academy £313.74
6 Mossford Green Primary School £313.25
7 Peters Hill Primary School £266.69
8 SPACE4AUTISM £245.00
9 The Fortune Centre Of Riding Therapy £237.81
10 Honeywell Schools £222.57
11 Tibberton Community Primary School £195.58
12 Gledhow Primary School £192.60
13 Nettleham Church of England Aided Junior School £190.45
14 Long Whatton CE Primary School £185.76
15 Garboldisham Church Primary School £181.28
16 Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance £176.74
17 Busy Bees Nursery and Pre-School £174.77
18 Ermysted’s Grammar School £174.54
19 St Margarets CEVA Primary School £153.38
20 Latch £147.70
21 St Pauls Girls School Fund Trust £144.96
22 WESC Foundation £140.95
23 North Tynies Childcare Ltd £136.29
24 Carlisle Infant School, Hampton £134.78
25 Jim Cronin Memorial Fund £132.35

What is the impact of the free donations you receive?

Malawi Education Link have told us how important these free donations are for them. We like to hear from our Causes what impact these donations make for you and any of your good tips on expanding your Givers for us to share. Here is their blog and what they had to say…

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