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Posted on April 27th, 2015 by Rachel Jackson

Want to raise more for your cause? So far 85,000 people have signed up as Givers in support of 8,155 fab causes raising 1.29 Million FREE donations! Tysoe Church of England Primary School, based in the village of Tysoe, South Warwickshire, have raised £364 in free donations so far – just because parents and teachers signed up as Givers and shopped online via TheGivingMachine – that’s a fantastic amount, but we’d like to help them – and any other cause – raise more (Cranbrook School CPSA have raised £2,359+ so far, with Cystic Fibrosis Trust‘s Givers raising £4,418!)

We have the Shop & Give Reminder which, once added to your browser, lets you know which retailers are working with TheGivingMachine and acts as a little reminder – thus avoiding the “Oops, I forgot” moments. With over 1,500 of your favourite online stores you’re bound to find a retailer you didn’t realise was a GivingMachine member, helping you give for free!

People are sometimes a bit dubious asking “How can it be free?!” but you’ve used TheGivingMachine and know it works, by giving your recommendation you’re letting others know they can support a cause and it won’t cost them a penny extra. By personally sending them an email you are letting them know you trust TheGivingMachine to be an effective way of raising more money for your cause. To make this as simple as possible – you just send an e-mail! – our fab tech people came up with the useful Tell a Friend (click to find out more).

Retailers on TheGivingMachine

Let your supporters know your cause is registered with TheGivingMachine – use our promotional materials! We have a web-banner that can be put onto a beneficiary website, some posters, as well as some helpful videos explaining TheGivingMachine.






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