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Posted on November 15th, 2015 by Rachel Jackson

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Office Workers

Organising the office secret santa, what started out as a five-minute job writing all participants names down, agreeing a present price limit and agreeing a day to exchange gifts before the office shuts at Christmas has now turned out to be a logistical nightmare. As the last person to pick miraculously picks out their own name, or someone decides to tell you they are going on annual leave and won’t even be in the country on the day, arranging Secret Santa is all of a sudden not so appealing!

Here at TheGivingMachine, we’ve set out to make your office secret Santa experience as streamlined as possible. Not only have we created a full proof, tried and tested Secret Santa Generator to set you on your way, but below we’ve given you a little inspiration to steer you in the right direction when buying secret Santa gifts for those office workers that you can’t help but discuss with another colleague.

The quiet one

Every office has that one worker (at least) who likes to come into work, get their head down and get the job done. You’ll often spot them a mile off wearing headphones and knuckling down. They chose not to be the masters of conversation during work hours. You may not necessarily know much about this person’s out of work interests and you may find a gimmick-like present for secret Santa is not appropriate. Generally speaking, these individuals like practical gifts. Something they can use to help make their working day a little bit easier. Try to avoid anything embarrassing that may cause them to feel uncomfortable!

The short tempered one

How about the colleague that hates to be disturbed? Most offices have that person with a short fuse that works to strict deadlines and hates needless distractions. The one you daren’t disturb to ask a question. These types have a tendency to let their guard down when it comes to social events and would often see the comical side to some office themed fun. Whether it is a stress reliever or a prerequisite warning to approach with caution. Some tongue-in-cheek comradery often does the trick.

The late one

We’re all guilty of enjoying a few extra minutes shut eye, but this employee takes it to the limit, taking their seat in the nick of time with bed hair and wide eyes. The person that walks into a meeting as it begins, literally. Perhaps they’d enjoy something to help them relax and unwind a bit more. Often, they enjoy the simple things in life such as slippers and a nice bottle of wine. Confectionary and nice coffee normally goes down well.

The office Grinch

Often unenthusiastic and not interested in Christmas but feels obliged to take part in secret Santa (with some gentle encouragement), introducing the office Grinch. How do you deal with buying a gift for someone that you know doesn’t expect much and isn’t overly bothered about the whole event? Try to surprise them! There are a number of great personalised gifts these days that can help change someone’s mind-set.

The one with expensive taste

There is often those that enjoy a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. There are also those that live a champagne lifestyle, because they can afford to. This can often create a daunting thought of how to impress this person within a nominal budget. They know what they like, and they make it known. Try something they didn’t know they needed until now! You can still provide luxury on a budget. Try hand made products, organic products or even something like a luxury candle. Think John Lewis, Lush and boutique independent retailers.

The Boss

Saving the most important until last, picking the boss out of the office secret Santa draw is actually not the worst thing in the world. This is your chance to show that you know what kind of boss you have and that you can appreciate what they’d use. Many bosses chose not to be a part of the office secret Santa, but in any case, be prepared.

They often enjoy a good book, something thoughtful or something they can store at work. It is down to you to make a professional judgement, as you’ll know the boss’s traits. Notably, if they are taking part in secret Santa, this means they are probably expecting something a bit close to the mark. But make an educated judgement. Something personal and sentimental often works.

Whoever you pick this year, we hope you remember to buy your gifts online using TheGivingMachine and help to raise free donations for the causes you care about at a time of giving. For more ideas, browse our product search feature or simply browse our list of over 2,000 participating retailers.

Not organised a secret Santa for your work yet? Try our easy to use Secret Santa Generator!


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