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Posted on May 5th, 2016 by admin

There are lots of worthy charities and causes out there and with fundraising campaigns that rely heavily on advertising, you’re never too far away from seeing causes on TV or a targeted ad for a charity on social media. We’re frequently encouraged to donate to charity and the increasingly globalised world that we live in means that the causes we see aren’t just local, but international too. There are a few things that you should consider before you donate to charity to ensure that you’re donating to a legitimate cause and that your donations are benefitting people that need it.


With the amount of charities in circulation, it’s important not to have knee-jerk reactions and donate impulsively to charities that you have no prior knowledge of or interest in. Just because a charity has called you or reached out doesn’t mean you have to instantly donate. It’s always good to donate to a cause that you’re already passionate in. If you’re pro-actively searching for charities that mean something to you then you’ll have more of an emotional investment and it means you’re not just rewarding charities that reach out.


It’s a good idea to do a bit of research before you donate. By choosing a cause that you’re thinking about donating to and learning a bit about their accomplishments and what they have done for the cause they raise money for, you can see if they make a worthwhile impact or not. It’s important for charities to be visible and show that they have clear principles guiding them towards certain outcomes.


When you donate to a charity you want to know that your donation is going to make a difference. Choosing a charity that is transparent about its financial health and policies, means that it can be accountable for the money that it receives. This way, you’ll know that your donations are going to the right place and on operations that benefit the cause they’re donating for.


Donating to a charity that you want to start a meaningful dialogue with is important because it means that you can start a beneficial relationship with them. One-off donations are helpful, but long-term donations mean that you can offer even more support. You can watch a charity increase its impact and make even more of a difference over time and know that you’re a part of that change.


Make sure that you understand the charity you’re thinking about donating to. Do you really understand what it’s try to achieve and what it’s aiming for? It’s really important to have a clear sense of what a charity’s overall mission is and what it’s trying to achieve. If it’s not obvious to you what their aim is then you should think twice about donating because you need to have an understanding, so you can measure results.

At TheGivingMachine, we work with charities that make a difference and want to start a meaningful relationship with you. All of the causes that we work with a worthwhile and committed to making a change.


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