Traditional Fundraising Ideas to Support your Cause


Posted on May 24th, 2016 by admin

Traditional Fundraising Ideas

So you’ve identified a worthy cause and want to start raising some awareness and cash? You’ll need to choose an effective fundraising idea to get the ball rolling and grab people’s attention. We’ve put together some more traditional fundraising ideas to set you on your way. Whether you’re thinking short-term or need a long-running campaign, there are loads of fundraising ideas out there that can inspire people to learn more about your charity and part with their pounds.

Movie Night

Everybody loves a movie and there are certain classics that people don’t mind watching again and again…Grease, anyone? Putting on a movie night for people in your local community is a great way to get people together and raise some funds. Hire out a local space, grab a projector and charge people a small fee to come and get cosy. You can raise extra money by selling ice-creams and popcorn. It’s a fun way to fundraise.

Sponsored Exercise

Don’t worry; you don’t have to run a whopping great marathon to raise money! There are lots of small scale exercise activities you can do to encourage people to get involved and get fundraising. It could be something as simple as a sponsored football match or a sponsored day of hopping. Something silly or unusual can attract attention, but as long as you’re sponsored for your efforts, that’s all that matters.

Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is one of the easiest and most ‘interesting’ ways to fundraise. You can encourage people at your workplace to dress up and spark some community spirit or do a sponsored run in fancy dress. It gets people talking, it gets them involved and it’s a really fun way of fundraising and letting your hair down in the name of charity. You can make some great memories too!

Give it up

This idea doesn’t need too many resources to make it work, it just needs committed people who are willing to give something up from their day and donate the usual cost to charity. It could be smoking, it could be chocolate or they could ditch the car, get walking and donate their petrol costs. It’s a way of getting people involved and raising awareness for your charity.


Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to pull some shapes. All this idea needs is a sweet soundtrack and some willing dancers. Set a time frame for people to dance in and either encourage people to get sponsored or pay people to come in and have a boogie. People of any age can get involved.

Culinary Competition

People are always enticed by the smell of good cooking and if it’s for charity then it can become even more appealing. Baking something tasty or making some meals for the community is one of the most popular ways to fundraise and get people to part with their cash. Who can walk past a table full of scrumptious looking cakes and not be tempted? Bake up a storm and get other people to contribute their own delightful creations and raise awareness and money for your chosen charity. It’s something that’s easy to set up and easy to communicate to people about your charity at the same time. On your marks, get set, bake!


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