6 Tips for Successful Home Working


Posted on March 24th, 2020 by Rachel Jackson

Hundreds of thousands of people are now setting up office at home, many for the first time. Here at TheGivingMachine we are all seasoned ‘working from home’ workers, so we thought we’d share our top WFH tips.

  1.  Get up and get dressed
    Working from home may seem like a great excuse to stay in bed and wear your unicorn onesie all day, but take it from us, getting up, showered and dressed will put you in the right frame of mind and prepare you for the day ahead. Plus, you’ll be ready for any impromptu video calls.
  2. Set up your workstation
    You can’t work if you’re not comfortable, though don’t take this to mean it’s a good idea to work from your bed (see tip #1)! Try to find a table or desk away from distraction (not that easy with homeschooled kids around, we know). Ideally your eyes should be level with the top of your monitor, you shouldn’t need to reach too far for your keyboard or mouse and your feet should be flat on the floor. Having said that, don’t forget to get up occasionally too!
  3. Set yourself a schedule
    Jot down a schedule for your day. It’s a great idea to start and finish your day at the same time you would normally when in the office. Make sure you factor in breaks – most people have breaks in the office, whether it’s chatting to colleagues or making a round of tea, so be sure you take time out when working from home too. At the end of the day, tidy everything away and close your laptop. This will help you mentally switch off from work too.
  4. Get outside (if you can!)
    If you can, get some fresh air. Unfortunately, this is not possible for everyone now that we are on lock-down, but get out in the garden or take go out for exercise if you can (you’re allowed to exercise alone once a day). Get your shoes on and go for a walk, run or cycle – just remember the all important two-meter rule. A bit of fresh air will wake up your mind, helping with any mental blocks.
  5. Speak to your colleagues
    Don’t just email your colleague – speak to them! You’ll communicate much more effectively via a phone or video call then in an email. Yes, you may end up having a bit of a chinwag, but that is important for your mental health too. And in these uncertain times, we all need to make sure everyone in the team is doing okay.

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