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Hotel Chocolat is a luxury British cocoa grower and chocolatier led by three guiding principles – authenticity, originality and ethics, which remain central to the brand’s success today. With stores and cocoa-cafes in major towns and cities - Hotel Chocolat are the biggest online chocolate retailer in the UK, they offer gift ideas for any occasion along with luxury gifting choices and best in class delivery options.

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Established by Joseph William Thornton in 1911, Thorntons today is a company with 379 shops and cafés and around 250 franchises together with internet, mail order and commercial services.

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Chocolate Trading Company
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Chocolate Trading Company is the largest independent online chocolate store in the UK, specialising in the finest chocolates, from gourmet gift boxes, single origin bars to luxury hampers, corporate gifts and novelties.

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Since 1926 Godiva has been the premier maker of the fine Belgian chocolate. Our heritage and the inspiration behind the Lady Godiva story helps to guide us in everything we do. Come and discover the amazing things we do with chocolate every day.

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With Easter approaching, it’s time to plan for the Bank holiday weekend and start amassing some Easter eggs! Buying chocolate cheers most people up, but if you can buy chocolate and donate towards a charitable cause at the same time then you’re sure to be feeling pleased with yourself afterwards. TheGivingMachine is a website that allows you to buy from some of your favourite shops, in this case ones that sell Easter treats, and make free donations towards causes of your choice. You could be tucking into an Easter egg and know that you’ve made a difference towards your local community too.

Some of the shops that you can buy through and are affiliated with TheGivingMachine are Hotel Chocolat, Thorntons and the Chocolate Trading Company. You can make a free donation of up to 6.8% of your total purchase at no extra cost to you, which will help to contribute towards a worthwhile cause. Sign up now and start making your donations.