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Time Magazine is the world’s leading weekly news magazine. Help us recruit new subscribers for our print and digital editions....

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Magazine subscriptions are a great idea for a gift for someone that you know has a fledging interest in a particular area. There are a wide range of magazines, catering for all types of different hobbies and lifestyles. If you’re thinking about purchasing a magazine subscription for yourself or someone else, then why not buy through TheGivingMachine. We allow you to make purchases through our website and make free charitable donations at the same time to up to 4 meaningful causes of your choice. Some of the retailers involved are Zinio Digital Magazines, Time Magazine Subscription and Subscription Save, but you can browse through them all on our website.

TheGivingMachine works by taking a small percentage of your purchase total and turning this into a free donation, at no extra cost to you. This will then go straight to the charities of your choice and help to benefit their charitable efforts. It’s easy to sign up and with a few clicks you can make a difference in your community.