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Up to £45.50

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Maximum donation amounts apply if you have enabled TheGivingMachine charity to claim Gift Aid on your donations. Please see FAQ's for more info.

Hyperoptic, the UK’s fastest residential broadband, is now available for business users - delivering groundbreaking 1Gb speeds through fibre-to-the-building technology. Hyperoptic business broadband can increase the productivity of a business by providing a pure fibre connection. Our business broadband is also backed by stringent Service Level Agreements to guarantee your connection stays on, and stays fast.

Donation Amounts

  • 20Mb_Fibre_Broadband_Business Up to £45.50
  • 20Mb_Fibre_Broadband_and_Phone_NC/20Mb_Fibre_Broadband_NC Up to £14.00
  • 20Mb_Fibre_Broadband_12/20Mb_Fibre_Broadband_and_Phone/20Mb_Fibre_Broadband_and_Phone_12 Up to £31.50
  • 1Gb_Fibre_Broadband_and_Phone_NC/1Gb_Fibre_Broadband_NC Up to £28.00
  • 1Gb_Fibre_Broadband_12/1Gb_Fibre_Broadband_and_Phone/1Gb_Fibre_Broadband_and_Phone_12 Up to £66.50
  • 100Mb_Fibre_Broadband_and_Phone_NC/100Mb_Fibre_Broadband_NC Up to £21.00
  • 100Mb_Fibre_Broadband_Business/1Gb_Fibre_Broadband_Business Up to £45.50
  • 100Mb_Fibre_Broadband_12/100Mb_Fibre_Broadband_and_Phone/100Mb_Fibre_Broadband_and_Phone_12 Up to £45.50
  • All donations Up to £45.50