Birchfield School raise £500 in 3 months!


Posted on January 28th, 2016 by Rachel Jackson

“Our donations have increased by 400%”

“Since we started the campaign to incentivise parents to shop through TheGivingMachine on a regular basis, our donations have increased by over 400%! In fact in just 3 months we are well over half way towards achieving our target of £1000!”
Jade Colton, Social Media Representative for the Friends of Birchfield.
Birchfield School is a co-educational preparatory school for children aged four to thirteen; based in Albrighton near Wolverhampton.
It is a very forward-thinking school and is the only primary school in the country to have a Lego Innovation Education Centre.

How TheGivingMachine helps us raise important funds

Much of the funding needed for projects is raised by the Friends of Birchfield committee, which is made up of just eleven parents from school.
TheGivingMachine plays an important role in the fundraising at Birchfield.
All parents are constantly reminded to register and shop through TheGivingMachine at no extra cost to them. This is achieved through emails via TheGivingMachine, letters sent home and weekly newsletter updates.
The Headmaster, Mr Myott has also spoken about TheGivingMachine in school assemblies.

School gate fundraising thermometer

An incentive scheme that has recently been introduced is that of the fundraising thermometer, which stands for all to see by the school gate.
Parents are aware that once the target of £1000 has been reached, the Friends of Birchfield will be able to purchase new indoor and outdoor sports equipment; and there is even talk of them hosting a Movie Night for all pupils as a thank you to them and their parents!
Parents who regularly shop through TheGivingMachine are also publicly thanked by way of their names being attached to the fundraising thermometer.

Fundraising events

” We raise money through Summer and Christmas Fayres, Bonfire Night and our annual Summer ball. The money raised goes towards  improving all areas of the school from new lunch trays to microphones for the school productions.

Current fundraising projects

Two of our most recent projects include the introduction of a Food Technology room and new iPad software; as well as helping to fund the development of our Lego Innovation Centre.”
Jade Colton, Friend of Birchfield.

(The lady in a couple of the photos is our Friends of Birchfield Chair, Clare Norton – she is also one of the 2 top givers and in her ‘defence'(!) claims she is

“leading by example… and has been renovating her home and has done a lot of her shopping online”!)


Well done Birchfield! Isn't it so easy :)

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