How Businesses can help Local Community Groups


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Successful partnerships between businesses and local community groups can be mutually beneficial and promote a more ethical society. Businesses are a lot more willing to engage with community groups and collaborate because of corporate social responsibility because of the fact that consumers actively look for businesses that care about their impact on a community. Businesses are held accountable for their actions and so by helping their community and the groups within it, they’re improving their effect on the people around them, instead of being solely profit-driven. Local community groups can benefit from the increased awareness and revenue that partnerships can bring; new initiatives, schemes and events can be planned. So what other ways can businesses help community groups?

Monetary Donation

This is one of the easiest and most simplistic ways for a business to contribute to a local community group. Many groups rely on the goodwill of the public and have to actively fundraise to raise money. Businesses can help to reduce the amount of fundraising a group needs to do by making direct donations. It could be a one-off donation or a certain amount each month. This means that groups can allocate resources and volunteers for other purposes instead. It can be a way of instilling confidence in a community group, as they can expand their plans, take on more staff and have more of an impact in the community.

Fundraising Events

Local businesses can help community groups to put on fundraising events to raise awareness and funds in their area. This could mean that a business contributes prizes or services to incentivise the public to get involved with an event, or they could offer premises for an event. Encouraging employees from a business to help out with events is a good idea as it shows the face and personality of a business and shows a commitment to the cause.


If a business is an online retailer then it can get involved with us here at TheGivingMachine. Once a business has teamed up with us, it can help contribute to local community groups that have signed up with us. If a customer has chosen a community group as one of their chosen causes then every time they buy from a business, a percentage of their purchase total will be converted into free donations that will go to the community cause.


Businesses can sponsor local community initiatives and provide resources, funds and employees to help with a project. This shows an active, ongoing commitment to helping the work of a community group. Employees can get hands on and truly understand the work that a community group does, giving them a unique insight into the challenges that face groups and how they can help out even more.


A business can go the extra mile and show how much it wants to add to the local community by offering placements to people in the community or on-going work opportunities. This shows a real commitment to working in the community and helping disadvantaged groups that community causes help to protect. It shows an understanding of the wider issues in society and how work placements can really help to improve people’s lives and provide skills to help them in the future.


Read our guide on corporate social responsibility here.


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