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Posted on April 1st, 2016 by Richard Morris

From April 2016, TheGivingMachine is revising its giving percentages across all purchases that generate sales commissions. This ensures that we can maintain an industry leading % while also investing in our charity’s team and technology. The revision will result in sharing between 55% – 75% of the free commission generated depending on whether the giver has elected for us to claim gift aid. Our previous model gave a flat 75% for all purchases but did not enable Gift Aid.

So why the changes?

We have undertaken a huge development programme over the last 18 months that has enabled us to refine our systems and service for scale and improve the service we offer but also comes with higher costs. The combination of a comprehensive product search feature combined with our Shop&Give Reminder for desktops and laptops is resulting in Givers generate 2.5x more free donations than previously. We also have mobile apps on the way.

In order to be able to keep innovating while still offering an industry leading % rate, we needed to change the basic financial model. We have waited until our Gift Aid was established and we have proven ability of the Shop&Give reminder to ensure that the donation flows to our causes keep growing.

Our charity will continue to maximise the amounts we can give while being sustainably innovative in a commercial world.

What does this mean to causes and givers?

This means that initially, donations will appear slightly smaller but by working with TheGivingMachine to ensure Givers sign up to Gift Aid, these additions will be added to the cause account when claimed.

In addition, we are seeing that the Shop&Give Reminder is having a significant positive impact on the number of donations being generated. So please ensure that you and your givers install it onto your desktops.

The great thing about Gift Aid is that because TheGivingMachine is a charity and your donations are being made to us, we can claim Gift Aid to cover our costs and give more to all our causes whether registered charities or not.

Richard Morris
Founder, CEO TheGivingMachine


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