Fundraising Ideas for Children's Charities


Posted on May 24th, 2016 by admin

Fundraising Ideas for Children's Charities

There are lots of creative fundraising ideas you can try out if you want to raise some money and increase donations for children’s charities. That’s why we have put together some useful fundraising ideas for children’s charities. It’s all about trying to inspire people to part with their money, so raising awareness for a charity and emphasising the good work it does in the local community is a great way of empowering people. Grabbing people’s attention with a variety of different fundraising ideas can be part of a successful strategy. There are also lots of small scale things you can do to increase donations. Every donation makes a difference!

Charity Auction

One of the best ways to get your community involved and excited about fundraising is by putting on a charity auction. You can gather lots of different goodies to auction by getting in contact with local businesses and retailers and asking them to get on board and support you. This can also lead to relationships being built and more long-lasting charitable donations. Then it’s a case of putting on an event, selling tickets and providing refreshments. A lot of work can go into a charity auction, but the amount of donations it can provide is considerable.

Bake Sale

Everyone loves a cake…or 5! Putting on a bake sale is easy to organise and easy to get people to come and buy from. Having a stand or a stall someone allows you to talk to people about the charity you’re raising money for too and spread some awareness. You can get the children from a charity involved too by asking them to bake their own cakes and make an activity day out of it. It doesn’t have to be cakes either, you can theme your bake sales or make something different so that you can provide something a little out of the ordinary.


There are a whole host of different events and conventions that will be going on in your community every week. It’s worth contacting these events and asking if you can be given stall space for you and your charity. It’s this type of initiative that allows you to spread the message about your charity and network with other charities and businesses to develop new fundraising opportunities. Being able to communicate with people about your charity face to face can make all the difference when it comes to encouraging people to donate.


Here at TheGivingMachine we’ve found a great way for you to make free donations towards children’s charities of your choice. Firstly, your local charity needs to be partnered with us, so that it can start receiving donations, it’s quick and easy to do and you can find out more here. Once a charity is signed up, you’ll need to encourage people who are registered with TheGivingMachine to choose your charity as one of their 4 causes. This means that every time they buy online through one of our partnered online retailers, we’ll take a small percentage of their purchase total and convert this into a free donation that’ll be made towards your charity.

It’s a great way to guarantee sustained, long-term donations and it’s a really easy way for people to donate.


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