Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Education


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Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Education

The great thing about TheGivingMachine is that you can make free donations to a local school that means something to you, every time you shop online. We’ve put together some great fundraising ideas for schools and education. If your school isn’t registered with us then give them a nudge and let them know that they can benefit from fantastic, free donations when you buy online. What else can you do to raise money for your chosen school? Inspiring people with fun and engaging fundraising activities can make all the difference and help to build an even greater relationship with your school and the wider community.

Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is a firm favourite with children and adults alike! Encouraging everyone at your school to don their best outfit and dress up for the day can raise lots of money and it’s a way of getting everyone involved and letting their hair down. You can decide on special themes to suit the time of year or go for something educational, like favourite book characters or famous figures throughout history. It’s up to you, but fancy dress is a fun way to get started with your fundraising.

Sponsored Walk to School

It’s easy in this day and age to pop the kids in the car, drive them to school and then get on with the rest of your day. Encouraging the whole school to walk in the morning can help the environment and also help the school if you encourage parents to donate the cost of their petrol for that day. You could make it a one-off fundraising idea or turn into a more regular thing, so you can create some long-term fundraising ideas.


As we’ve already touched on, here at TheGivingMachine we help charitable causes and community assets to gain long-term fundraising through free donations. Anyone can sign up and once they do, every time they make a purchase through one of our partnered retailers, we’ll take a small percentage of their purchase total – at no extra cost and turn this into a free donation. All someone has to do is select up to 4 charitable causes of their choice, which can include their local school and then they can benefit from sustained donations. This can help to provide resources and improve the school for the better!

Book Sale

Making your fundraising ideas educational can be a good way to encourage people to donate and bring awareness to the continual resources that schools require. Asking your school to donate books, so that you can put on a book sale is a great way to get people to buy new books, get children to explore new genres and to generally exchange educational resources.

Sports Day

Putting on a fun-filled day of sports is always a good way of getting children, teachers and parents involved in fundraising. Putting on all sorts of events such as egg and spoon races and fancy dress races can turn fundraising into an interactive activity that everyone can enjoy! It also gives lots of opportunities to sell things like home-made lemonade and ice-cream on the side to try and raise even more cash. It’s best to plan this even for the summer!


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