An important message about how we fundraise


Posted on July 21st, 2015 by Rachel Jackson

Our CEO, Richard Morris, recently published this on LinkedIn;

Recent media has had some significant and justified criticism about direct fundraising practices. As a founder and CEO of TheGivingMachine charity I’d like to take this opportunity to emphasise our commitment to the charities, schools and other community organisations we serve.

  • Giving is free: we are not asking for your money, just a change in behaviour to generate free donations when you shop online with our retailer partners.

  • It’s your choice: we are not telling you where to give, we believe that this should be your choice.

  • Transparency: we convert an industry leading 75% of the sales commission you generate from participating retailers into donations for the charities, schools and other community organisations you choose. Just compare the % to commercial alternatives… The remainder covers our costs to maintain the website and distribute the payments to causes all over the UK.

  • Marketing emails: Yes we do send marketing emails but we try to balance their frequency to make sure that they are relevant and don’t annoy you.  We do enable you to opt-out of course.

  • Got an issue or a question?: Please get in touch so we can resolve or answer it.

I’m glad that more charities are considering the emotional response to direct sales techniques in greater detail now.  Building a better tomorrow is something we can all do together but the end does not justify the means.



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