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Posted on February 26th, 2018 by Veeny Grimes

“Our school has raised over £700 through TheGivingMachine. We normally have between 5 and 10 active Givers so even if you do not have a large number of people signed up you can still raise enough donations to receive regular payments, we receive payments from TheGivingMachine most months.
I send regular emails to thank people for remembering to shop via TheGivingMachine and post within the school’s facebook group to remind the parents they can support our school in this way. We have spoken about TheGivingMachine at new parent meetings and at the School Quiz and we have posters up on our Notice Boards and leaflets in the school reception.  
I find once people have made an initial purchase through TheGivingMachine they then go on to make regular purchases – once they see how easy it really is and that it really is just a case of visiting TheGivingMachine site before you shop. Even if you only have a few parents signed up but doing their regular weekly food shop via TheGivingMachine it really can make a difference.”

TheGivingMachine’s mission is to unlock as much free cash as possible for great causes all across the UK by converting sales commissions for online purchases into free donations for the schools, charities and community groups close to your heart.

Join us to reap the benefits of our free giving family.


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