Message your Givers to thank and remind them


Posted on June 30th, 2015 by Rachel Jackson


Here are some messages reps have recently sent to their Givers


“Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Dunster First School by using the Giving Machine to shop online. Your combined efforts to date have raised an additional £904.90 for school funds. Remind your friends and families to log on to the Giving Machine site to really bump that total up. Thank you”

“Holidays, Birthdays, Clothing, food shopping the list goes on and on….. . Online shopping for things please remember to go through TheGivingMachine where a donation will then be made to St.Bedes School, Rotherham Happy Shopping” 

“Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you for joining TheGivingMachine. So far 53 parents/carers have joined, but out of that number, only 4 are active givers. If you download the Shop and Give reminder it will prompt you to remember to shop via TheGivingMachine site. Unfortunately, not all retailers support the Shop and Give reminder, which means you will not be reminded by them to generate a donation. Amazon, for instance, have recently stopped supporting the Shop and Give reminder. This doesn’t mean they are no longer giving donations, they are. They have just made it less straightforward. Therefore, you need to shop via TheGivingMachine site to receive the donation. With some retailer sites, e.g. Expedia, a pop up window appears to remind you to pay through TheGivingMachine site because Expedia does not support the Shop and Give reminder. It takes a bit longer, but please don’t ignore it as you will be forfeiting a valuable donation to Gumley. We have generated £91.41 since October 2014. Thank you The Parents’ Association” 

“A huge thank you for supporting The Ear Foundation whilst shopping on-line! This is a great way to provide a small but steady stream of income from our supporters, without costing you a penny! Please do spread the word of TheGivingMachine to your family and friends. Why not “Like” TheGivingMachine on Facebook and share their updates on your page. Once again, a big thank you!”





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