TheGivingMachine - Why are we fundraising?


Posted on April 25th, 2019 by Laura Hollis

TheGivingMachine was set up in 2006 to help schools and charities raise money. We have always been not-for-profit and in 2014 we were awarded charity status.

TheGivingMachine has literally built a machine that enables people to enjoy giving as a behaviour choice to support their favourite schools, charities and community groups. Being a small charity, we don’t have a large pot of money to spend on the upkeep of our machine or awareness campaigns, and while we retain funds to maintain the machine itself, we have decided to fundraise directly for TheGivingMachine to make sure we can reach and support even more good causes. We are currently hoping to raise some extra money to keep our machine running smoothly, in particular we need to replace old laptops for our part-time team, but we are also hoping to launch new giving initiatives such as our GivingLottery and GivingVouchers.

We realise our fundraising aims may not sound as emotive as many of the charity stories we all regularly hear, but by making sure TheGivingMachine can continue to run smoothly then we will also be supporting thousands of charities and good causes throughout the UK.

So we have a small favour to ask. You’re reading our article and so, we hope, have an interest in TheGivingMachine. Please consider donating to us and help keep our machine running. Every contribution we receive from supporters like you, large or small, goes directly into funding our charity. This backing allows us to keep on going as well as maintain and build on The Machine for every year to come.

Thank you to all our #TGMHeroes

Please continue to

#Click #Shop and #Giveforfree


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